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    by Published on 7th June 2015 07:46 AM     Number of Views: 10651 

    Jupiter Force started out as a fan fleet of the STOked Podcast in 2010. Star Trek Online was the main topic of the podcast and our members served as the research team for the segments. As the guild grew in size and experience so did our overall mission. Some of our members became part of the production team for STOked while every member became an ambassador for STOked in-game.

    As a guild we strived to become one of the leading fleets in the STO community not only through our podcast work but also through our day to day interaction with other players inside the game.

    Over time we’ve branched out into other games making us a multi-gaming guild to various degrees in MMORPGs such as Star Wars The Old Republic, Marvel Heroes, Neverwinter and also in multi-player games like Battlefield 4, Sins Of The Solar Empire: Rebellion and Civilization V.

    We are fans of science fiction, gaming, movies, TV shows and podcasts and you will find a broad spectrum of interests amongst our members once you get to know them.

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